What benefits has the deployment of UC brought to mid-sized companies and what’s to come?

One year on from our ‘UC deployment amongst mid-market businesses in 2017’ report we researched into the level of Unified Communications (UC) in the mid-market. We also looked at the challenges mid-market businesses were facing and whether they were reaping the benefits of what should be a transformational technology.

Node4 commissioned a survey of 200 IT decision makers representing mid-market companies (defined as companies with a turnover of between £15m and £800m) to discover their current state of deployment (including perceived limitations and level of satisfaction) and their collaboration and scalability priorities.

It was found that a quarter (26%) of mid-market companies have already deployed a hybrid solution of UCaaS and on-premise UC within the company. This is an increase of nearly 10% from 18% last year. 12% have adopted a ‘pure’ UCaaS solution. However, only 43% of respondents rate their UC systems as delivering on some benefits, such as video conferencing, instant messaging (IM), file sharing and presence, but not complete integration with the business.

Whilst UC adoption levels are growing, there is still a large untapped opportunity for the mid-market to harness. Vendors and the channel market need to educate organisations more and help them to better understand UCaaS technology benefits. Especially as many are experiencing scalability and user skills and training issues that are still holding them back.

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