GDPR guide to Risks & Solutions

On the 25th May 2018, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be in place, requiring businesses to provide the necessary security measures for controlling and processing personal identifiable data. By implementing and maintaining IT security practices, you will be demonstrating to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) your organisation’s ability to meet requirements set under the Regulation.

Want to understand what GDPR is trying to achieve within the 99 articles and how these will impact your day-to-day business relating to securing data?

There will be new business processes, procedures and increased due diligence around the protection of personal identifiable data against the new legislation.

Node4 has identified a number of solutions and services that will enhance your organisation’s protection of data such as N4Threat Detect, Colocation, DR, N4Protect+ and EndPoint Management, which will help you mitigate the risks within your business, keep regulated and protect you from potential fines under GDPR.

Find out what you need to consider in your organisation to secure your data in line with the 2018 GDPR regulations.