Mid-market IT priorities in 2018

One year on from our Mid-market IT priorities in 2017 report we researched into whether mid-market IT leaders had succeeded in securing their predicted budget increases, or if they have been impacted by the unsettling business environment.

Node4 commissioned a survey of 200 IT Decision Makers from mid-sized UK companies, defined as companies with turnover of between £15m and £800m, to discover their IT priorities, the challenges they face, and if they are making the right IT investments for the future.

Business growth remains high on the agenda of the companies surveyed. The mid-market EU-4 (UK, Germany, France and Italy) is still set to generate a third of private sector revenue and employ a third of each country’s workforce – contributing €1.11 trillion.

The other two biggest mid-market priorities have changed this year to include workforce productivity and digital transformation – both of which are integral to enable organisations to reach revenue expectations. Security is also a big consideration, yet there is acknowledgment that steps being taken to mitigate threats require improvement.

To find out more about the research findings, you can download the full ‘Mid-market IT priorities in 2018: How mid-market companies have changed their priorities over the last year to simultaneously drive growth and mitigate risks’.

If you'd like a hard copy delivered free of charge, get in touch with us at marketing@node4.co.uk.