Help us spread a little festive cheer…

Thank you for voting for your favourite charity to receive £5k worth of IT support
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In the gift-giving spirit of Christmas, we’re offering IT support (worth up to £5,000) to a selected charity in our customer base.

The charity will be able to scale up existing Node4 services or take on new ones, to meet their particular needs and ambitions.

The votes have been counted and the charity who’s come out on top in our Tech4Christmas campaign is Enthusiasm Trust! Congratulations to Enthusiasm Trust and everyone who voted. However, we’ve decided to change the rules a little.

The three charities participating in our campaign all focus on very worthy causes, making it hard to give to just one. So, we’ve introduced a second and third prize too.

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Enthusiasm Trust - Winners with 56% of the vote - £5,000

Enthusiasm is an award-winning youth charity providing prevention, early intervention and support for disadvantaged young people growing up in poverty, who are most at risk of becoming involved in anti-social, violent and criminal behaviour.

It provides high quality, community-focused youth programmes in socially/economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods across Derby and Nottingham.

It's IT resources are an essential part of facilitating and running these programmes. Any additional support in this area would help their work to transform the lives of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged young people and support them to become confident and positive members of the community.

Enthusiasm Trust-1

Prostate Cancer Research Centre - Third place with 17% of the vote - £1,000

The Prostate Cancer Research Centre (PCRC) wants to extend the lives of men with prostate cancer. It’s the only UK charity solely focused on research into treatments for this cancer.

Working with Node4, PCRC want to create a technological road map. A map that will help them to discover the best routes for new treatments and connect people, knowledge and ideas to find new solutions.

Improving their technological infrastructure, through software like Office365, will enable them to connect with world class scientists to share scientific findings, review new data and ensure they are funding science which has the greatest impact.


Variety the Children's Charity - Second place with 27% of the vote - £2,500

Variety is a small charity that has a big impact on the lives of children and young people throughout the UK, who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged.

It provides coaches and bespoke wheelchairs, specialist sensory and recreational equipment and creates memorable experiences through ‘Variety Great Days Out’.

Variety has several IT projects that are just waiting for an implementation opportunity. Upgrading their infrastructure to make full use of the cloud, integrating their systems and getting their grant application process online would improve efficiencies, allowing them to spend more time and money on their beneficiaries.

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