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Should Your WAN Be Defined by Software?

If you’re like most other modern businesses, you’re on a digital transformation journey involving increasing cloud and SaaS adoption, an inflexible network architecture and an expanding attack surface.

Your IT systems are evolving quickly, across a hybrid IT infrastructure, while users are becoming more mobile and the network perimeter is expanding. Has your network and security approach transformed to keep up with all of these developments?

Secure SD-WAN could be the network and security transformation that you need. It supports modern IT initiatives, enabling increased cloud and SaaS adoption, along with mobile working. It also simplifies the move to a security-driven networking approach.

Is SD-WAN right for your business and if so, what makes for a failed or successful deployment?

In this webinar, we will give real world insights into SD-WAN based on our experience. We also discuss how you can software-define your entire network to keep up with your strategic initiatives, while keeping your business assets secure.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how SD-WAN can benefit your business.
  • Learn how to make a success of your SD-WAN deployment - the do’s and dont's.
  • Develop an understanding of how you can extend SD-WAN to a full SD-Branch.
  • Gain the knowledge to effectively layer on security and achieve a zero trust network architecture.

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Presenter Bio

Glenn is an experienced network architect and technology leader, specialising in networking, cloud, security and automation. He is an expert in emerging trends and the development of innovative and bespoke solutions. His knowledge and skill set have made him the lead on a wealth of complex and high-profile projects.




Is SD-WAN the way forward for your networking and digital transformation journey? Or is it another technology to add to the long list of buzz words, which promises more than it can actually deliver when applied to your business?


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