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Our on demand webinar event is built to help inform, advise and assist you with your digital transformation journey.

We have six on demand webinars that are available covering key topics including security, Azure, Unified Communications, DBaaS and digital transformation support and SD-WAN.

You’ll hear from the very best experts in technology and infrastructure all from the comfort of your own home.

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Digital Transformation

Sam Reed, Lead Technical Account Manager at Node4 talks about supporting you on your Digital Transformation Journey


Cyber Security

Steve Nice, Chief Technologist at Node4 will be talking about phishing attacks, and how to protect your business during vulnerable times



Julian Boneham, Director at N4Stack takes a look at the top trends in database management



Andy Slater, Director at N4Stack runs through moving to Azure, and how not to screw it up



Phil Cantore, Senior Presale Consultant at Node4 discusses collaboration tools for Home and Remote Working



Glenn Akester, Network Architect at Node4 runs through the
do’s and dont's of SD-WAN deployment

Here's what attendees to our previous TransformIT said:

The security presentation was a real eye-opener!


There’s certainly a lot we can take back to customers about platform and infrastructure as a service.


It’s always interesting to hear other customers’ experiences. In some, ways it builds confidence even further.

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